Ways to Expand your Business

1. Know your company and your industry.

Before you can determine if your products and/or services are a fit for the Singapore and south asian marketplace, you should have a clear picture of where your company (and the industry in which it operates) is today, and where it will be (as well as where you want it to be) tomorrow. Don’t forget to consider supply constraints and other factors that might change your product or service lines later.

2. Determine how your business model translates.

(Joint Ventures, Licensing and offshore model) There are numerous ways for companies to enter foreign markets, including exporting, importing, joint ventures, licensing and off-shore production. For firms that produce, manufacture or resell goods, exporting is usually the easiest and least risky method. If you are interested in exporting, don’t overlook indirect exporting, where an intermediary familiar with (and approved by the government to conduct) business in the target country handles the actual transfer of goods.

3. Identify and investigate target markets.

As with starting a business in Singapore, you need to properly place your product in the market that is hungry for what you have to offer. You must consider all the factors, positive and negative, that impact your ability to penetrate a market. You might need to make adjustments, such as changing the manufacturing materials to meet environmental requirements in Singapore. Or, local content initiatives like those mentioned earlier might require you to refine your manufacturing, distribution or sales model.

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how to expand my business

Amol Chawathe

Startup Consultant, Angel Investment Specialist.
Based in: Singapore

In depth expertise in strategic partnerships, product development, marketing and sales in Singapore and emerging markets across Asia. Facilitated international expansion of products and startups across Asia that brought new startups to markets. I have helped companies from a 10,000 valuation raise unto 5Million in value within a span of just 12 months.

Core competencies include: Strategic Partnerships, Business Development, New Business Opportunities, Business Strategy, Business Analysis , Online marketing, Sales Effectiveness, Team Management, International Expansion, Emerging Markets.

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how to expand my business

Karthik Chandru

International Business Expert, Brand Expansion and Businessman
Based in: India, Mumbai

Karthik is an expert in finding business ventures, negotiate deals and help two companies work together. At heart he is a teacher( Some similarities to Jack Ma). He values the organization and takes pride in creating the right relationships.Karthik is now responsible with more than 5 startups who are looking forward to expand to Singapore and South Asian Markets.